Sharon Hess began her spiritual teaching in 1992 facilitating “A Course In Miracles.”  It soon became apparent her ability was to take high level Universal wisdom and explain it in a way it could be used in everyday life.  She has empowered thousands toward peace, love, joy and abundance with her practical and often humorous approach toward knowing yourself fully.

In her words:
Over 20 years of my business experience was building successful multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up. For over  25 years I’ve studies and taught spiritual principles. Guess what? They are connected!

Sometimes our focus needs to be on just one, sometimes the other, and quite often both.

My greatest gift is helping you see past your own sh*t so that you know where your focus really needs to be so that you can make the money that you want. And of course, the money means nothing if you aren’t happy along the way…which is possible!

I’ve seen time and time again with my clients that it’s human nature to work on the easiest thing… all the while convincing yourself you really are trying. When you do that you are wasting a lot of time and money, and I’m the one that can help you stop that waste.

What I do works because for over 25 years I have developed a unique understanding of how your intuition connects with your business, your relationships, your health..basically everything. I used my gifts and my developed intuition to create a step by step process that has already empowered 1,000’s internationally.

This is not a cookie cutter approach, because, well…you aren’t a cookie. I promise you that your potential and your happiness is limitless once you get past all the sh*t you’ve created to avoid it. No matter where you are in your life and business, what I do works.

You can know things intellectually but until you fully intregrate them into your being they nothing. 

I’m all about inspiring, motivating and healing so that you have lasting and consistent results. Let’s create the joy and abundance you want.

The world is waiting…