How to have the irresistible power to achieve growth,
spiritual healing and live more abundantly

more money                        more prestige                      more clarity of purpose

better relationships                     better attitude                    better life

And more!

Are you:

  • Successful but feel unfulfilled?
  • Struggling to move forward and make things work?
  • Tired of going in circles with your money and worrying about where to get money for the next month’s bills?
  • Sick and tired of not knowing what to do to “level up” and attract a better life?
  • Afraid of being stuck within the chains of your limiting beliefs and trauma?
  • Struggling to identify what part of your life isn’t bringing you fulfillment and satisfaction?
  • Feel like you’re stuck on a path and have no idea what your purpose

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions…

… Then it’s time for you to REMOVE hidden abundance blocks in your life, STOP living in constant survival mode, and START empowering yourself to move quickly toward your highest path and purpose.


By mastering yourself and bringing a piece of your individual puzzle into your conscious awareness via Akashic soul records readings.

What is an Akashic Records Soul reading?

Akashic record reading is an astonishing technique that you can use to access knowledge from your previous lives, uncover the real issues stopping you from growing where you want, expand on all levels, and gain whatever you want most in life.

The records hold everything your soul has ever been and everything your soul could potentially be.

That includes all of your potential future possibilities, all your potential past lives based on the current vibration in your current life, and all parallel timelines of all of these combined.

What you will discover in your Akashic Records is designed to offer you clarity and self-awareness from your soul’s viewpoint.

And empower you to make more informed decisions and choices for your own highest good.

It will help you Master Yourself!


Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.

– Lao Tzu

You see,

More and more experts agree – the choices and decisions you make are based on what you know.

And when you learn about yourself from all facets, identify your true nature, and master yourself,

You ignite your true, unlimited power!

That power will help you:

  • Acknowledge and accept your strengths and weaknesses,
  • Detach yourself from the karmic bonds of negative patterns running in your life,
  • And give you a better understanding of what to change, what to watch out for, or how to make the best choices necessary for your growth…

…even if you find yourself facing fear, doubt, worry, or any perceived problem or struggle about anything.

You can master yourself by booking a call with Me to access your Soul’s Akashic Record, go back to your soul’s origination, and help you look at what story in your soul’s history will tell you what pattern, energy, thought, etc. is currently influencing your life in a way you don’t want.

The knowledge & power you’ll gain from mastering yourself via Akashic Records Soul Reading is all you need to peel off your traumas and limiting beliefs one layer after another, gain more clarity, find your purpose in life, and attract a better life for yourself.


You probably don’t know this but…

You are the creator of your own life!

Whether you want to get to the root of your life problems…

Heal yourself from money challenges, deepen your journey back to finding your true self, reprogram yourself for abundance and prosperity…

… Or find the light and courage to live your coming days to its fullest,

The insights you will gain from your Akashic Soul Record will inspire, educate, and guide you in directions that will help you create healing and live your most abundant life in a way that is unique, down-to-earth, and effective.

Your finding your way here was NOT a random coincidence.

You found your way here for a reason.

And that reason is that your soul is guiding you towards getting a much greater understanding of some of your past difficult circumstances, so you can study your emotions, character, and reactions and have a much deeper respect and understanding for your past, present, and future.

In short – Your soul is craving advancement!

You don’t have to understand this, just be open to the idea that you found your way here to learn and heal.


When you read your Soul’s Akashic Record with me, you will find yourself:

  • Having a total clarity of purpose
  • Feeling generally happy, excited, and simply content
  • Sleeping more easily, waking up feeling well rested and ready for the day
  • Giving and receiving love from others, with drama-free relationships
  • Enjoying the work that you are doing
  • Quickly and effortlessly manifesting the things you want
  • And more!


See what people are saying about their sessions with me:

Sharon literally helps miracles happen. 

Speaking for myself, I know that it has been through Sharon’s experience, wisdom and guidance that I’ve received numerous life blessings and achievements that wouldn’t have been possible before working with her

.Let nothing stand in your way of reaching out and booking a session today. You will be nothing but amazed by the results you’ll see!
Courtney – MI

MORE than ” Getting by with a little Help from my Friends”!


It was time to let go of my life-long business ( 44 yrs ) and think about my ” what Next?  To say the least, this brought up a struggle within on many levels. Sharon’s insights helped me find a direction and path I wouldn’t have seen by myself. Moving forward with her direction has taken me out of the confusion and into an understanding that is leading me on a positive and exciting future.  She can do the same for you if you will just allow it.  You won’t regret it.  Try it, you’ll like it! Thank you just doesn’t do it justice.  Forever greatful.  Doc
Steve – AZ

Before I met Sharon I was chasing every bright shiny object promising ‘riches’. 

But the more I did this, the further down the rabbit hole I fell. And the more elusive money became. Working with Sharon has helped me realise I can follow my heart and make more doing work I love. She’s helped me remove the ‘golden hand cuffs’ so I can live the life I truly want.  My quality of relationships has never been higher and the best opportunities flow to me, almost like magic. To anyone ‘on the fence’, I’d encourage you to book a session with Sharon and see where the path leads.
Vanessa – Australia

Here’s how it all works:

  1. You book a session with me.
  2. Then I use my developed intuition and healer skills to uncover what you need to look at… as well as access your Soul’s Akashic Record (a field of consciousness) to help you uncover the real issue, find where you want to grow, and expand on all levels.
  3. Once we connect to your Soul’s Akashic Record, I will help you energetically change or embrace your nature and relationship with the universe so that you can find peace of mind and move forward fast.


Ready to dive deep into your Akashic Soul’s Records, master yourself and create quantum healing and miracles in your life?