How Your Soul Story Empowers You

The world has a history, the Universe has a history, and your own soul has one as well. You may or not understand this,  but if you will just remain open minded as you read on I’m sure there is something here for you…otherwise you wouldn’t have found your way here.

Trust that whatever guided you to read this did so because there is something that will help you. I believe that  you will find a piece of your individual puzzle that can help you bring a new understanding into your conscious awareness. We make most of our decisions and choices from what we know, and that’s why knowledge is said to be power.

The beauty of our life is that we get to write our own story. We are the author, producer, director, the main character, and of course, we actually cast all the others involved in our individual play. Knowing this, we can be responsible for how our life evolves, and readily change things that aren’t to our liking.

The Universe runs on a beautiful system of choice and consequence.  The more we know ourselves on all levels and what is possibly directing or blocking us, the better equipped we are to make better choices. It stands to reason that better choices will create better consequences or results.

You’ve probably experienced something in your life that couldn’t be explained, you knew it happened, yet there is no logical way to explain it. This is usually the beginning of a journey beyond our five senses as we become thirsty to learn more about the nonphysical influences that may be affecting us.

Being empowered in life is all about knowing who we are in the entirety of our being, which consists of mind/body/soul.  To create what it is that you truly desire, it becomes vital to get to know who you are on a soul level.  If you want to be fully aligned with your whole being, you can’t leave this part of understanding out.

For anyone, getting to know about something particular that their soul has previously experienced, also known as a “soul story” can actually help them heal issues in their present-day life. Our soul’s history can give us a glimpse into the lesson we passed on, the healing we didn’t accept, or any number of choices that are responsible for setting into motion undesired consequences. We can use this guidance moving forward to change things in our life from a very powerful position.

Start with the idea that your soul has been here for many lifetimes. A soul story is a brief glimpse at one of these previous lifetimes. I have found through my work with clients that these stories carry an intelligence that is quite profound. What you are shown within a story could be a repeating pattern, an unjustified fear, or any number of negative choices that set up an unwanted outcome. The information can then be used as a major catalyst for healing current struggle or inner conflict. Found within the story is something that relates to a current situation, as you will see, and the stage is then set for major transformation.

Although we don’t repeat the exact same scenarios each lifetime, we often choose to repeat the same type of story. On rare occasions, we recreate the exact same situation… just in a different place with different people. I find this rare because usually when we have something that we didn’t fully grasp, it will show up in a whole new way to present a different approach to the same thing.

You’ve probably heard the Albert Einstein quote about insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Your soul has an intelligence beyond this worldly mind and would certainly know how to create a new set of circumstances to bring forth the understanding that was previously missed. That’s why you may have souls that you’ve encountered in the past show up in your present life, but probably not in the same capacity.

Every one of us who wants to understand ourselves better knows that we can’t just push a magic button and look inside. It would be great if we could do that, but because we can’t we have to use whatever tools are available and create other ways to see what’s really going on within. There are many ways to do this and looking at our own soul’s history is one of them. I believe one of the greatest keys to understanding our individual journey is knowing who we are on a soul level and the motivation that lies there.

Our soul wants to grow and expand. It’s the very reason that it will incarnate, to begin with. By looking at a story from our soul’s history, we can begin to understand ourselves better. When we can see what our soul is ready to understand on a deeply spiritual level, then we can reframe what is happening in our current situation.

Your soul story will give you a better understanding of how to incorporate what you learn from your soul’s history so that it will empower you in your life, right here, right now. It’s never about thinking you are still that person, because you aren’t.

What you are looking at is what the soul experienced in the past so that you can use the information to your benefit in the present. Always remember that our learning and healing journey must be grounded in reality in order to elicit lasting change.

The more I come to know myself, the more I pay attention to what I’m doing and why… and this helps me make choices that promote my peace and happiness. My intention is the same for you.