As a highly conscious entrepreneur, you’re busy making the hard choices and presenting yourself with full confidence to the world, but…
you have fears and insecurities like every other human being.

About my Business  Support

Often it’s hard to find the time to think, let alone consider time for helping yourself reach for your next level…BUT YOU KNOW THAT IT’S CRITICAL FOR  CONTINUED SUCCESS!

When we start working together, we look at where you are, where you need to go and we fill the gap. I will let you know when you’re fooling yourself… I’m not here to stroke your ego. It’s all about empowering you. 

What I do works because for over 25 years I have developed a unique understanding of how your intuition connects with your business. I used my gifts and my developed intuition to create a personalized process that has already empowered 1,000’s internationally.

95% of my clients tell me that they make faster and better decisions now. They have been empowered with little-known strategies that work very well at the practical level. When you understand this, you will be creating new opportunities to serve both yourself and the greater good in your life and in your business. 

We entrepreneurs start our businesses with tremendous energy and focus — often to the detriment of everything else.

Then, as our businesses start gaining momentum, while still barreling forward we have a stray moment or two to reflect. If we have any doubts or baggage from deeply held beliefs, they can surface in those moments. Very subtly. I see this as a vulnerable time for an entrepreneur, a time when we can easily derail. I have had those moments in my own entrepreneurial ventures, and they cost me dearly. However, years ago I did not have Sharon Hess to help me deep-dive and identify what was holding me back or tripping up my progress. She has an indescribable talent for getting at the obstacle quickly and painlessly, so we can process it, let it go and thrive. She’s done that for me before and did it again recently. Her skill is invaluable