healer out of hiding
business vision quest 

Some of the reasons this is perfect for you…

  • You want to fully align with your soul’s intention
  • What you are doing just isn’t working
  • It’s time to create something new
  • You need to create more abundance
  • What used to work doesn’t any more

Did you know that aligning with who you are on all levels – Mind/Body/Soul is your path to True Abundance in this world?  

Your soul’s intention  never changes…

BUT you do change how you are expressing your gifts and creating abundance

What if you learned how to let go of your limiting beliefs, your hidden ego agenda,  your unfounded restrictions?  What if you knew how to bring all that stops you into the light?  What if you FINALLY became the Divine creator of your experience that you came here to be …and created your income from who you truly are?

Whether you are new to business, ready to up-level, or just create something new like a product or program, bringing your Abundant Self into the mix will not only create your best results, you will enjoy the process!

I can help you uncover what you need at this particular time.  One of my greatest gift is helping you create abundance with your gift!

Now’s the time to understand your TRUE “what next” and how to create abundance with grace and ease.

There is a part of you…

your Divine Self…

your Abundant Self…

that  KNOWS how to create,

because YOU are an expression of Divine Creation.

This uniquely designed time together will be tailored to your individual needs and is about finding and aligning your Soul’s Intention and your Abundant Self with your business.



Here’s some of the things we might work on…

What’s your  True Vision

We will work on gaining clarity and defining your vision specifically, so that you know where you are headed.  It’s important to keep your intention clear and precise so you are creating your life and business in balance with your soul level gifts, your desires and your Divine reconnection in mind.

Where you’re really starting from
(not where you “think” you are)

I will help you figure out exactly where you are right now.  You may not be aware of reality here because when it comes to our own “stuff” we are a little blind to it. Knowing where you really are beginning is critical.

Start from the wrong place and you’ll have to back track when something is left out. If you’re continuing to do something unnecessary out of learned behavior that’ll keep you stuck.  Both are a waste of time, money and energy.

Your  Abundance Self Path of Creation

Once you know where you are starting and where you want to go, we find the steps to get you there.  Your soul has a preferred way of creating and you need to know what that is. 

When you do, you can incorporate it into your way of doing business.  This will guide you to know exactly what it is that you need to step into your abundance and authority.   You start creating with joy, peace and love…and this is the way you are meant to create.

Other things we may work on

  • Identifying your fastest path to cash (those actions that will generate the quickest return.)
  • Organizing and prioritizing in the way your soul wants you to create, so it will consistently support you.
  • Packages and prices so that you have various entry points for those you serve if they aren’t already in place.
  • How to price so that you are aligned with it.
  • What marketing opportunities to initiate immediately and what can wait.
  • Exactly what “creating from awareness” means and how to realign should you venture off your path.
  • Strategies, techniques and action steps to make the most of current income streams while creating new one.
  • The best way to launch a product or program.
  • Systems that match your souls preferred creative process.

When connected to your Abundant Self in this way,
you will be amazed what you will walk away with!

Our sacred journey together will be in alignment with every part of you…mind/body/soul, and creating life and business from that perspective. 

I will use my intuitive and healer gifts along with my years in business management, sales and marketing to look at some new and exciting angles that always come up when we work together with your abundant self and soul wisdom

Through our time together, I will be reading both your Akashic Record and working with your team of Spirit Guides to ensure that all information comes to you at the appropriate time.

This truly is a unique experience that is specifically designed for you.