Are You Questioning a Relationship? 
Is It a Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Karmic Partner?

Relationship Purpose and Clarity 

Relationships are our greatest teachers. 

AND Every relationship serves a purpose.  

When a person brings up intense emotions… especially to a degree that you have never experienced before… you start searching for an explanation. 

There is a lot of confusing and contradictory information out there about what a Twin Flame, Soul Mate or Karmic Partner is and what the purpose of such a relationship could mean for you. 

When you find yourself in a relationships that is challenging due to it’s intensity or deeply confusing direction, it may or may not fit into one of the above categories.  The important thing is that deep down you know that what is going on is different …and you want answers so that you can feel like yourself again.  

Know that there is a reason that you drew it into this specific moment of your life.  

Every relationship is “energetically” different, and I will help you define the purpose of a specific relationship that is challenging you.  We will look in your Akashic Records for the best “energy shift” so that you can relax into allowing it’s purpose to unfold with greater ease.


only  $147

It’s easier to go through something when you know exactly what you are dealing with.  This session is all about guiding you toward alignment so that you can move forward being grounded into who you are, your Truth, and being the best version of yourself!