What is Spiritual Intregration?

“Integration” is often thought of as a form of alchemy, usually as the ability to change a base metal into gold or silver. We remember young Santiago in The Alchemist who believed he was searching for worldly treasure and found, instead, that his life was changed by listening to his heart, learning to read the omens scattered along life’s path and following his dream.

Spiritual alchemy, or Spiritual Integration, is no different.

Where we spend years – no, decades – chasing a vision of what we think our lives should look like, in some cases we fulfill that vision and realize it is surprisingly empty. Not at all what we thought we were pursuing. Or we don’t achieve it, and we stay in a continuous loop of chasing the same unrealizable vision.

With time – and with the help of seminars, programs, coaches, books, videos and endless other support tools – we eventually realize that we were chasing a low-energy dream and that at the soul level, a spiritual level, we were totally missing the mark.

The next question is, “How do we elevate our energy?” In reality, we want to know how to get ‘unstuck’ from the world we live in, with all its divisiveness and pettiness, where superficial feelings and shiny objects keep us looking for something new and different, again and again.

And we discover the soul. Our focus goes from outward to inward. Our journey begins as we explore what our higher purpose might be, why we are here. We look at how we can shift the elements we are working with each day, and up-level them to serve a higher good.

Traditional spiritual teaching helps us transcend many of the limits we struggle with to reach that higher purpose. It helps us identify invisible blocks we keep putting in our own path and self-destructive patterns we allow in our energetic blueprint. It might uncouple us from the stress, anxiety and negativity we thought was an integral part of life.

Instead, we start to discover that who we are and what we came here to do is far more integral to life. Spiritual teaching and coaching puts these discoveries into the context of a journey so that we can see the path before us.

Transformational teaching takes us one step further on our journey: it helps us initiate change in the areas where we found blockages in our earlier work: in those hidden blocks and disruptive patterns. In all that negativity … all the ways we unknowingly hindered enlightened progress in our lives. It facilitates change that lets us see ways in which our undertakings can begin fulfilling our life purpose by presenting opportunities to tend to those we have come to serve.

Our image of metamorphosis – a form of transformation – is of a butterfly coming out of its chrysalis, fanning its wings to strengthen them and then, miraculously, taking flight. This is also the outcome we all envision and strive for through transformational teaching.

But there is one more step: integration teaching.

The ‘alchemy’ aspect of integration – or one-way change – is what seals the progress we have made. Like a spiritual cogwheel that turns, each tooth clicks into the next space and locks it into place so there can be no slipping back. It no longer has anything to do with the efforts to convert physical substances – lead and gold – from one into another. lnstead, it is the realization that once we have had a spiritual door opened for us and we have come to know and experience higher spiritual energy, it cannot become ‘unknown.’ We are one step closer to achieving our life’s purpose.

Helping us open those doors is the role of the Spiritual Integration Teacher.


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