Ready to deep dive and create quantum healing and miracles in your business? 

This program will help you define your calling or what next…then support making it happen.


When Sharon Hess began her spiritual teaching in 1992, facilitating “A Course In Miracles,”  it was clear her gifts of highly developed intuition and her healer skills would one day lead her to offer an all-new level of transformation, one that went beyond and became spiritual intregration. Over the decades, her ability to explain Universal wisdom has empowered thousands to live their lives of peace, love, joy and abundance. 

However, everyday life is getting more frenetic, and our human discourse is becoming more divisive and combative. As a result, healers are being called forth to play their rightful role in changing the energy around us. Yet Sharon noticed that more and more clients are getting caught in senseless distractions and self-made obstacles. She calls them “Healers in Hiding.”

As a fully-realized intuitive healer, Sharon has taken the valuable tools she has acquired and created a deeply transformational and integrative solution that pierces the distractions and pulls out of clients the real reasons for hiding. By quickly and lovingly shining a light on the causes, she helps her clients get out of their own way. And, not one to go only halfway, Sharon then uses humor and technology to help clients anywhere in the world to implement the personalized plan they design together, giving them every chance to fulfull their life purpose. One-on-one. For themselves … and for the Universe.

  Option One 
  6 month coaching 
  30 minutes a week

  Email Access

  Option Two 
  3 month coaching
  30 minutes a week
  Email Access

  Option Three 
  Business Vision Quest
  Laser focused session to uncover your true calling, what next or
other clarity such as products, programs, etc.