Clarity Session

Intuitive Insight Consultation

Even in uncertain times,
there are things that ARE certain!

I  use my healing, 
heightened intuitive and spiritual gifts to help you gain clarity.

 You will walk away calmer and have the confidence that you can create your desired results.  Instead of struggle, you will know how to move with grace and ease.

“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”
A Course In Miracles

During our time together

What are you NOT seeing?  Even in the best of times there are things you just aren’t aware of. 

Don’t let fear and uncertainty start dictating your life and business. 

If you are confused or struggling it’s because you aren’t sure what to look and what you must change. 



In unprecedented times like this, bringing Universal Wisdom into play gives you an advantage for moving forward and creating success without sacrifice!
Want to add your Soul History Story? I will include at no additional charge. Learn more HERE. 

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Why Me???  Here’s what I bring to the table…

“Sharon Hess is a spiritual integration teacher, who specializes in helping her clients get over their limitations and challenges to step into their highest potential and follow their Divine path in their everyday life and business.

After a highly successful 40+ year business career that included building a multi-million dollar business from the ground up, Sharon now combines over 25 years studying and teaching spiritual principles with her practical business know-how to help her clients integrate their Divine inner wisdom with their work, business, relationships and health.

Sharon creates profound results for her clients by working with each person in a unique, individual way, so that each person leaves feeling healed, motivated and inspired, creating their own joy and abundance fully aligned with who they are.

Sharon is an experienced intuitive, A Course in Miracles facilitator and Akashic Records reader, with a gift for explaining high level Universal wisdom in a practical way that makes using it successfully in everyday life, easy.

As an international speaker and best selling author, Sharon has used her down-to-earth humor and practical Divine wisdom to inspire and empower thousands to experience greater peace, love, joy and abundance in their lives.

Her book, Spiritual Spice, was also the number one new release on Amazon.”

What others have to say….

We entrepreneurs start our businesses with tremendous energy and focus — often to the detriment of everything else.

Then, as our businesses start gaining momentum, while still barreling forward we have a stray moment or two to reflect. If we have any doubts or baggage from deeply held beliefs, they can surface in those moments. Very subtly. I see this as a vulnerable time for an entrepreneur, a time when we can easily derail. I have had those moments in my own entrepreneurial ventures, and they cost me dearly. However, years ago I did not have Sharon Hess to help me deep-dive and identify what was holding me back or tripping up my progress. She has an indescribable talent for getting at the obstacle quickly and painlessly, so we can process it, let it go and thrive. She’s done that for me before and did it again recently.  Her skill is invaluable.

I was struggling with moving forward in both my life and business…  

A friend recommended Sharon to me and something told me to give myself that opportunity, so I booked a session. She not only identified what the ‘stuck’ energy was in both my life and business, but also where it came from. The awareness of what you are dealing with is the first step to any change, making this experience a catapult for me. I would strongly recommend this for anyone feeling like they’re ‘stuck’ without knowing where that might be coming from. 
Brooke H. Atlanta GA