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Want messages from your angels, guides, and those assisting you from above? Then you want Spiritual Spice in your library! Gain easy access to your higher consciousness with an inspired and beautifully written prayer that will energetically align you. Next, you open the book at random for your answer or direction to what you need to look at. Within you will find 22 sections (chapters) that have short, powerful thoughts and sayings that inspire clarity, direction, enlightenment, and growth. Written as a spiritual tool to help guide you on your personal spiritual path, these short yet powerful expressions of love are sure to leave you filled with peace and harmony. Spiritual Spice will help you tap into your own inner guidance system giving you the power to create your life by design, not by default. Your thoughts and actions are what draw positive results, and the knowledge found within these pages will guide you toward those of peace, love, joy, and abundance as you create your miracles in life!


What others have to say:

I had the opportunity to finish your book today. What a great inspiration and guidance to enhance your life. ”   R.S. North Carolina

I open the book randomly on any given day and receive the inspiration/lesson that I need to receive. I strongly recommend this book for anyone and everyone who is looking for more clarity on how to manifest soulic expansion and improve daily living, success and relationships.” C.K. Michigan