Transformation Day

 Transformation Day



I offers a limited number of days through out the year for those serious about making a quantum leap in their business or life



What happens in our life journey is that we create obstacles and thereby block our flow to aligning with our soul’s purpose.  When we are disconnected, we feel stressed, out of peace, fearful and waste our energy on things that don’t serve us in the long run. 

This Transformation Day will be designed SPECIFICALLY for you. 

Before our  time together we  determine what you want to accomplish.  We can set up an entire business, create a new program or product, shift you into a major up level, you name it…it’s all about MAJOR TRANSFORMATION!  The agenda depends on where you are now and where you want to go. 

When we work on both the practical and soul level, you’ll be amazed what you can create.





Imagine spending  the day away from all of those everyday distractions as we sit in this powerful and intentional energy of creation.  This will be about your overall view of both you and your business first and then looking at the details that will put the pieces together for you.

What it will look like:

We will connect beforehand regarding your business, your lifestyle and what your individual needs are.  I will use all of my gifts…business and intuitive… to capture where you are really starting from and then where you need to head based what you want to create.

Clarity of Your Path

I will help you with figure out exactly where you are starting, because you can’t always see it for yourself.  When it comes to things that are merely distracting you from creating what you really want, remember that we love our own “stuff.” We own it fully, and defend our right to keep it!  It’s the old adage “you can’t see the forest for the trees.” Knowing where you really are starting is critical in saving you time, energy and money.

If you don’t start at the beginning of your path, you may have to back track because something is left out and that’s a waste of time and energy.

In the other direction, you may be doing something out of habit that is no longer necessary.  

We work on starting you in the right place as you begin your next or new adventure so you don’t waste any of your resources.

Your True Vision

We will work on gaining clarity and definition of your true vision because if you don’t know it fully, then you don’t know where you are headed and why. 

It’s important to keep your intention clear and precise so that you are creating your life and business in balance and you can’t do that without knowing your soul level gifts, your desires and what really will make you happy.

Your next and future steps

Once you know where you are starting and where you want to go, we need to hone the steps that you need to take in order to get there.  When you know exactly what it is that you need in order to step into your personal power, then you can start creating with joy, peace and love. 

Our sacred journey together will be in alignment with every part of you…mind/body/soul, and creating life and business from that perspective. 

You really do have everything that you need within you.  I am all about empowering you to know how to access it!

I would love to walk this part of your journey with you.  IF YOU ARE SERIOUS…email for availability and phone conversation to see if this is right for you at this time.

I have a limited number per year of two formats:

 Virtual over the phone and/or Skype

 In person in the Phoenix, AZ area



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