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Ready to make a change that will last?

Let’s bring all of you on board…mind/body/soul


The world is made up of energy.  You are made up of energy.  It’s what people mean when they talk about your “vibration.”  The energy that makes up the marvelous being that you are is a very complex thing. There is an energetic field called the Akashic Records that holds everything your soul has ever experienced.  While it’s interesting to learn about and understand, the important thing is how does it help you in your everyday life?

If you are…

Ready for your next abundance level
Working on something that you need deeper insight
Can’t pinpoint why
 something is happening to you
Have the same type of person keeps showing up in your life
Sick and tired of not seeing the results that you want

You were led here for a reason…



In just one session, Sharon helped me to identify a sequence of thoughts that I was successfully sending out of to the Universe that had placed my business in a holding pattern.  Once I realize this pattern, I immediately released it. If you want to move your business light years ahead…if you want to ensure that you are in resonance with your business goals then I urge you to give Sharon a call.  I did and almost instantaneously my business more than doubled!  And I was busy to begin with.  Thank you Sharon.  Shelia Seppi


Before we connect, I’ll go into your individual soul’s record and look at the soul story currently affecting you… in this moment.  What I see tells us the what pattern, energy, or thought is being recreated, right now, that is influencing your results.  Because you aren’t consciously aware of what’s going on within, it takes insight and deeper understanding to shift and change what you decide you want to create. 

When you begin to see why you are making the choices that you are… and understand why it’s happening… you can move forward and begin to make better choices.  Better choices will always create better consequences!

There’s a whole new world of possibility just waiting for you to see….

Private Soul Level Consultation



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Not sure if this is for you?  Email me and let’s connect.  Here’s more about me and what I do:

Sharon Hess is an expert in mentoring Entrepreneurs,as well as Enlightened and Evolving Business Professionals.  She helps you know who you are and what your capacity is so that you can create the success you want in life and business.  While creating and running million dollar businesses, she was also studying and teaching Universal Laws and how they apply in our everyday lives.  Sharon now combines all of her business knowledge with these laws, and has blended them into strategies that bring results.  Her keen insight helps those that have a bigger vision for themselves experience exactly how to create an amazing life and business at the level they desire.  Sharon believes that we all have hidden potential and will help you find yours while using the compassion and humor she is well known for.