Meet Sharon

You don’t have to compromise any of your values to be successful in life and business, you can be yourself, your authentic self…as a matter of fact, it’s necessary!

For most of my life, I thought business and spiritual belief had nothing to do with one another.  I thought you were supposed to work at business and enjoy connecting with your soul on your own time.  To give you some background, when I first started my own spiritual journey, I discovered and resonated with the book “A Course In Miracles.”  I was so passionate about what it taught, that I eventually facilitated a study class.

This may be a little long, but I’ve been around a while and it is all relative…

At work, I used to go to lunch with the “gang” every day and sit and listen (and admittedly join in) complaining about the owner, the manager, the business in general, you name it.  I heard the saying “What someone else thinks of me is none of my business,” and one day I had the ah-ha!

I realized that I wanted to be accepted by the group so much that I was compromising my true feelings.  I enjoyed what I did, loved my clients and wanted to be successful.  How could I go out for an hour, absorb all this negativity, and go back and feel good about what I was doing?

So, I quit going out to lunch and began to focus on me and what I truly wanted for myself and my clients.  In a very short period of time I saw the impact it made in my income, and more importantly, my happiness and joy in life.

Around this time, I started to notice a lot of spiritual people are poverty minded.  When I started becoming successful at work and began to feel disconnected with them -probably out of some guilt that I was becoming successful and they were, well…stuck.

I decided that if I had to choose between being spiritual or having the comfortable life that my success in business brought me, I am human, so of course…comfort won. At that point I didn’t know any better.  Ironically, I have now learned how it was my spiritual understanding and studies which had made me successful.  I also learned there is nothing spiritual about being poor.

Following that experience, I was a major part of starting and building a multi-million dollar company. I was able to learn even more about business as General Manager. (Still not connecting the dots with spiritual and practical.)

When my next adventure took me to a new state (literally,) I sold my house of 18 years, cleaned out an unbelievable amount of clutter in my life and in my 50′s  moved to a new city for the first time in my adult life.

Shortly thereafter, the economy took a nose dive, and long story short I was out of a job.

I found myself in a new city, with few friends, and hit brick walls when it came to finding another job or deciding what I should do next. I kept thinking “I know there is a reason for everything, so why did God bring me here?”

I recognized I learned to become comfortable with change.  I had done something I feared and I did it late in life. To my surprise, not only did I survive, I was even happier!

I was drawn to a group of spiritual people again, but they were not poverty minded and knew this was something I needed to pay attention to.  I soon realized that there is a gift in all of us and wanted to share my discoveries, but wondered “What do I have to offer?”

With the help of teachers and mentors, the light bulb went off. I’ve been successful in sales, management, teaching and I understand both business practices and spirituality. I can bridge these and help others reach their business and personal potential!

Why did I believe “you can’t have both?”   It’s a mindset that we are taught. It is learned behavior and we are the only ones who can change it.   Look around, there are endless numbers of people helping change the world for the better that are prosperous as well.

My goal is to help teach the “good guys” how to live the life they dream of, and help those who can’t connect the spiritual and practical see how the two go hand in hand. We have so much available to us today through medias we only dreamed of in the past.  The same holds true in business, we can now create in ways we only dreamed of in the past.  The tide has turned and it’s time for us to step up, and be successful as we give, share, heal and make this world a better place.

I took my leap of faith to follow my path, and I can use all of my gifts, experience and knowledge to help you succeed!